20 boats came out for the J/24 Canadian Championships.  
The weather couldn't have cooperated better.
Saturday was exhilarating. 
It was hard to keep the camera steady. 
With swells easily 8 feet at times and winds gusting to 20 knots.
Sunday we had a photographers dream day with blue blue skies, flat seas, and a steady 5-10 knot breeze. 
The competitors had a great time dancing to the ABYC house band on Saturday night  and picking up awards for their hard earn wins on Sunday.
Here ye Here ye
J/24 Canadian Championships 

this weekend at Ashbridges bay Yacht Club.
Sept. 17- 20th 2015
over 20 boats registered that will make for stellar images of the fleet.
I am looking forward to strong winds blue sky and lots of boat orders.
see all you sailors  at the regatta


Remembering Lyra 2014
 what a great job ABYC does on each and every event


August 29th 2015

I found that this event was almost too organized 
PictureA big no no in my books
The Crowd was solid.  and the cameras were also out in full force.  I was especially entertained by The Fire Guy.
He was so accommodating to all the cameras and cell phones following his every move.
He even counted down for us for the shot. So on the count of 3 he fell to the ground and posed like a playboy centerfold.  
 We took the subway down and I was saving my precious change for the ride back.
I forgot that at buskerfest you pay the hat with loonies, toonies,and five dollar bills.
Thanks Toronto organizers