'GOD IS THE SUN' was Turners last words before he passed.  These were the words that most moved me  after coming out of the Turner Exhibition on Thursday Afternoon with Bradshaw. Turners use of  strong linear paint strokes sure evoked the blazing sun in all his work.  A great inspiration not only for me but for all artist.
We then somehow walked through the exit doors into the AIMA exhibition. Where you are suppose to vote for the best out of the 4 photographers.  I had to see them all first.  So I did voted on line instead.
I was very excited to see how  Hito Steyerl   
was displaying his large format  metal images. and also how he very blatantly illustrates the  use of metal within the photography medium. I still think when done properly it will be is a lasting media to work with.
Full steam ahead.

The Native installation was inspirational because I just bought a bunch of dyes that will be painted on fabric,  eventually to become a kimono.
When studying the drawings on the wall I noticed pencil marks that seem to looked like a mistake because they were not visable anywhere else in the instalation.  Brad said to me later that, " in fact the natives do put mistakes into their art so the negative spirits have an entrance and exit".
 Makes sense to me.  
Stopped in at the Village Idiot for a pint and to witness a fire at the grange just to top off the afternoon acton in the city.
A bit of Negative with the Positive for to make a nice day in November.