Off to Mexico in the morning

View from the Alalondra Hotel in Barra De Navidad

Wish I  was leaving on a happier note.  
 I feel for Hillary.  
It would have been such a celebration if she won.  What an awesome president she would have made. 
I have always remembered one comment that really resinated with me regarding  a woman for president.
It was a reference to wars ,
When men make a mess, they just leave it an move on.
but women will always clean up the mess before she moving on.
Oh Boo Hoo, we'll have to get over it.
Have a great winter!
see you in the spring

 Best to get in touch with me via email. but if you need to speak with me  I have my Magic jack line on  in a internet zone. 

View of Sayalito from our hotel room

Family wedding #2

PictureThe Tree of Unity
Family Wedding with The Cain's and Van Oene's
The theme was about a sustainable earthly relationship. 
 A definite reflection of being in the now, the past and the future. 
 Ashley walked down the aisle showing her patience and caring for  her father.  It really touched me,her mother and everyone else.
Her dress was classic, like something from the past.  
But her Jubilance at her entrance,  all I could think of was Nigel and her future together.

PictureThe wedding cerimony
Michael and Allison August 19th 2016
  A fun filled whirlwind weekend.  
  Starting with the arrival of my sweet son Morgan and his wonderful girlfriend Kenzie all the way from Vancouver. 
   We whisked them off to Port Franks, Lambton Shores. Checked into a quaint little cottage via Airbnb.
  After a quick swim in lake Huron the four of us were off to the rehearsal party in Grand Bend's The Growl and Gator.  It was a casual setting for both families to meet or reunite.  The Bride's side is from France and the groom's from Canada.
The Olympian, Eleanor Miller was in the room (the groom's Grandmother) and how fitting that Canada got the silver and France the bronze in the 200M.  It couldn't have been more exciting.
  Although it was a stifling hot afternoon, the location of Oakwood Resort was a stunning and dramatic country venue for my nephew’s wedding.  The Bride was absolutely beautiful (why is that, always?) the service was short and sweet.  Speeches nicely spread out and a full moon to backlight the dancing into the wee hours. 
  The Bride's family hosted a traditional southern French garden banquet at the couple's new home on the river.  
  It was a relaxing next day to say the least.. 
  Determined to watch The Tragically Hip's last show, a live telecast on the beach was underway.  As we made our way down, my son(the wharfinger) and Brad the sailing captain knew better not to ignore the storm cloud heading our way.   
  We took cover in a beach bar and watch the CBC put on one of the greatest show of  Gord and his band’s monumental last concert. 
 In June 1992 I photographed Laura and Gordon's wedding.  My best memory was that Gordon's speech was clearly the best that I've ever heard in my whole career.  

Stay tuned for family wedding  #2 on September 23rd 

Some of my favorite pictures I took over the weekend