Off to Mexico in the morning

View from the Alalondra Hotel in Barra De Navidad

Wish I  was leaving on a happier note.  
 I feel for Hillary.  
It would have been such a celebration if she won.  What an awesome president she would have made. 
I have always remembered one comment that really resinated with me regarding  a woman for president.
It was a reference to wars ,
When men make a mess, they just leave it an move on.
but women will always clean up the mess before she moving on.
Oh Boo Hoo, we'll have to get over it.
Have a great winter!
see you in the spring

 Best to get in touch with me via email. but if you need to speak with me  I have my Magic jack line on  in a internet zone. 

View of Sayalito from our hotel room

Barra De Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico

PictureThree Months in Barra
Barra De Navidad  (translated in english means Christmas Sand Bar) is a quaint little Beach town that caters to the Mexicans from the Guadalajara area and the returning Canadian snowbirds.  There is a wonderful lagoon that makes a perfects moorage for the abundance of sailboats that cruise up and down the magnificent western coastline of Mexico. At the lagoon just up the hill sits the majestic resort, Grand Bay that is said to be the most exclusive resort in all of Mexico.   It hosts a prestigious fishing tournament every year that draw sport fishermen from all over the southern US states and Mexico.  Their catch will feed the town fresh dorado, marlin and sailfish, for days.

The Highlight after arriving in Manzanillo airport, you make your way to the Alondra's top floor bar, for happy hour.  Order beer or margaritas and watch the sunset into the Pacific Ocean.   After the sun goes down head over to Time Out were there is always excellent live music and you can dance like nobody is looking.  Once you shut down that bar head over to the San Bar that is nestle in the Sands Hotel till you close it down too.
Barra is great town, with friendly people and loads of exciting weekly events. 

Brad and I stayed down there for 3 months and were lucky to have our good friend Margaret join us for a month. Morgan our son and his girlfriend Kenzie toped the trip by joining us over the Christmas Holidays.