Blustery wind, blue skies, billowing clouds and whole lot of boisterous parties 

Sail Pass 2017 at ABYC
It was touch and go to weather we could get our engine running in time. But keeping a good positive attitude and our reliable mechanic  Mark Bird to our rescue. We joined the ABYC fleet, for the annual sail pass festivities.

The boats head out for a quick sail.  following the rear commodores vessel. Then in a single file fashion the boats pass the committee boat and receive their salute from the commodore.

Then back to their slips to entertain, have a few cocktails and officially celebrate the sailing season.
Crew this Season was Brad and I, Kevin, Robyn &Sandi,Amanda & Kathy

thank-you mother nature for cooperating with us


Great Weekend to be out on the water Photographing for a living

PictureMy favourite shot from the weekend
The anticipation before an event is always stressful, as some of the variables are unforeseen.

Not to mention the water levels.

The days forecast called for no wind but luckily the wind eventually built as the day progressed.

The Canada 150 theme was prevalent.  With great spirit, we flew the Canadian flag and Canadian pins for the all the racers.

Some racers were optimistic and others pessimistic about the wind.  But they were ready to race no matter what.  With their brand new Evolution Sails T shirts, the racing got off to a great start.

From a photographers point of view, the low winds, dramatic sky, and spectral highlights peeking out of the clouds made for great pictures.  At one point it looked like mountains were in the background and not the Scarborough bluffs.

 After racing, pretty much all the racer returned back to ABYC. Even though a lot had to go back to their own clubs, put away their boats, then return for the festivities.

Paul James, our afternoon headlining band was a super treat for music lovers.  An awesome all you can eat BBQ, with the outside bar serving dark and stormies and locally brewed beer.

Short speeches and a quick delivery of the winners from the day’s races, kept the momentum going.  Many racers and our club members danced the night away to the Suburban Outlaws. 

Day Two, with only the Viper Boats and J/24 fleet racing.   The fog became a serious problem for starting any race. The committee boat at one point couldn’t even see the starting marker buoy. As the fog lifted and then filled in then lifted then filled in again and again.  We finally got in a race to photograph.  Wind was coming from the east steadily, so for a spectator/photographer on a 16ft zodiac it was Lumpy, fogy and windy. But for the racers, perfect! 

All in all it was a great weekend, great food, great volunteers and best paparazzi boat drivers ever. 

Thank you Dave and Bob

Tell me what your favourite shot is from my gallery

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PictureThe wedding cerimony
Michael and Allison August 19th 2016
  A fun filled whirlwind weekend.  
  Starting with the arrival of my sweet son Morgan and his wonderful girlfriend Kenzie all the way from Vancouver. 
   We whisked them off to Port Franks, Lambton Shores. Checked into a quaint little cottage via Airbnb.
  After a quick swim in lake Huron the four of us were off to the rehearsal party in Grand Bend's The Growl and Gator.  It was a casual setting for both families to meet or reunite.  The Bride's side is from France and the groom's from Canada.
The Olympian, Eleanor Miller was in the room (the groom's Grandmother) and how fitting that Canada got the silver and France the bronze in the 200M.  It couldn't have been more exciting.
  Although it was a stifling hot afternoon, the location of Oakwood Resort was a stunning and dramatic country venue for my nephew’s wedding.  The Bride was absolutely beautiful (why is that, always?) the service was short and sweet.  Speeches nicely spread out and a full moon to backlight the dancing into the wee hours. 
  The Bride's family hosted a traditional southern French garden banquet at the couple's new home on the river.  
  It was a relaxing next day to say the least.. 
  Determined to watch The Tragically Hip's last show, a live telecast on the beach was underway.  As we made our way down, my son(the wharfinger) and Brad the sailing captain knew better not to ignore the storm cloud heading our way.   
  We took cover in a beach bar and watch the CBC put on one of the greatest show of  Gord and his band’s monumental last concert. 
 In June 1992 I photographed Laura and Gordon's wedding.  My best memory was that Gordon's speech was clearly the best that I've ever heard in my whole career.  

Stay tuned for family wedding  #2 on September 23rd 

Some of my favorite pictures I took over the weekend

Pictureperfect winds at ABYC
An absolutely gorgeous day for opening up our club to the boating enthusiast.
We saw a steady stream of participants eager to get out on the water and had all sorts of members ready and waiting to take a group or two for an afternoon sail.
Rob Faulkner was an awesome host by leading groups around the club grounds by introducing them to the surroundings. Out on the water they did go and on their return a bbq to boot.

June 25th 2016 clubs and organizations across Ontario will be opening their doors to you so that you can try the sports of sailing and rowing. Get out on the water is brought to you by Ontario Sailing and ROWONTARIO and we will be with you every step of the way.
The Members of Ashbridge's Bay Yacht Club invite you to come enjoy and experience the fun of being At Home on the Water by Getting Out on the Water! This free event will take place from 11am - 3pm on June 25th. Hope you can join us for this fun filled event that provides an opportunity to get out sailing, racing, cruising, kayaking, paddle boarding or windsurfing.