After talking to a few of my Toronto friends , I found out that very few even tried to go to the Pan Am Games this summer.
Well did they ever miss out.  The crowd in the pan am pool went nuts, oh so loudly did they cheer for our Canadians.  I am pretty sure swimmers placed their way to the podium due to the cheering.  I couldn't get over all the negative splitting going on in the 200 events. It's amazing what great shape they are in those swimmers. 
I was with my mom for all the events, she is an Olympian and of an elderly age,which we took advantage of and got the best courtside seats for the volleyball.  Watching Mexico and US play and also  the Argentinian team against Costa Rica. Wow they sure can jump high.  At the Track we witnessed the gold medal pole vault and Javelin from our two  Canadians.  A whole lotta fast running going on. Not to mention we kept running into our Chef de Maison Kurt.  I just loved wandering around the venues with my 300 mm lense.



10/03/2015 6:27pm

I love the Pan Am Games too, but I guess you're different than most of us because you come from a family with an Olympian member :-)

03/27/2016 1:06am

I would like to attend Pan Am Games and I can say that this would be really good event. There would be a lot of games and it would be really amazing.

05/11/2016 9:48am

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