Here ye Here ye
J/24 Canadian Championships 

this weekend at Ashbridges bay Yacht Club.
Sept. 17- 20th 2015
over 20 boats registered that will make for stellar images of the fleet.
I am looking forward to strong winds blue sky and lots of boat orders.
see all you sailors  at the regatta


Remembering Lyra 2014
 what a great job ABYC does on each and every event



11/16/2015 10:01am

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03/02/2016 2:05am

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05/24/2016 5:53am

We had a superb two night stay at this club, the staff were supportive. Everybody at the club was very firendly, and the offices are very neat and clean and also of big sized. I had been there with my friend Mike who runs a surfing school balisurfinglesson.com


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