Family wedding #2

PictureThe Tree of Unity
Family Wedding with The Cain's and Van Oene's
The theme was about a sustainable earthly relationship. 
 A definite reflection of being in the now, the past and the future. 
 Ashley walked down the aisle showing her patience and caring for  her father.  It really touched me,her mother and everyone else.
Her dress was classic, like something from the past.  
But her Jubilance at her entrance,  all I could think of was Nigel and her future together.



Janice Long
09/28/2016 3:21pm

Great pictures Donna. I love the one with you, Linda and Bev. I think before one shot of you you should have had a tooth pick !!!

Fran Glasgow
09/28/2016 6:06pm

Wonderful pictures of a beautiful wedding! Great to see everyone! 💜

Jeannie Crane
10/01/2016 11:28am

Absolutely beautiful pictures, especially love the full face picture of Eleanor in her wee hat! Adorable. Bride and groom look so happy as do the rest of the group. Must have been a lovely day. ALl the best to the newlyweds!


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