Off to Mexico in the morning

View from the Alalondra Hotel in Barra De Navidad

Wish I  was leaving on a happier note.  
 I feel for Hillary.  
It would have been such a celebration if she won.  What an awesome president she would have made. 
I have always remembered one comment that really resinated with me regarding  a woman for president.
It was a reference to wars ,
When men make a mess, they just leave it an move on.
but women will always clean up the mess before she moving on.
Oh Boo Hoo, we'll have to get over it.
Have a great winter!
see you in the spring

 Best to get in touch with me via email. but if you need to speak with me  I have my Magic jack line on  in a internet zone. 

View of Sayalito from our hotel room


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