PictureSunset at the Alalondra Hotel in Barra
Happy Earth day 2016 .  Please, for everyone's sake, take public transit when you can. Stop using plastic shopping bags.  Don't drink from plastic water bottles unless necessary.  Create a great recycling regime where you live and play. EVERYONE



Barra De Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico

PictureThree Months in Barra
Barra De Navidad  (translated in english means Christmas Sand Bar) is a quaint little Beach town that caters to the Mexicans from the Guadalajara area and the returning Canadian snowbirds.  There is a wonderful lagoon that makes a perfects moorage for the abundance of sailboats that cruise up and down the magnificent western coastline of Mexico. At the lagoon just up the hill sits the majestic resort, Grand Bay that is said to be the most exclusive resort in all of Mexico.   It hosts a prestigious fishing tournament every year that draw sport fishermen from all over the southern US states and Mexico.  Their catch will feed the town fresh dorado, marlin and sailfish, for days.

The Highlight after arriving in Manzanillo airport, you make your way to the Alondra's top floor bar, for happy hour.  Order beer or margaritas and watch the sunset into the Pacific Ocean.   After the sun goes down head over to Time Out were there is always excellent live music and you can dance like nobody is looking.  Once you shut down that bar head over to the San Bar that is nestle in the Sands Hotel till you close it down too.
Barra is great town, with friendly people and loads of exciting weekly events. 

Brad and I stayed down there for 3 months and were lucky to have our good friend Margaret join us for a month. Morgan our son and his girlfriend Kenzie toped the trip by joining us over the Christmas Holidays. 

'GOD IS THE SUN' was Turners last words before he passed.  These were the words that most moved me  after coming out of the Turner Exhibition on Thursday Afternoon with Bradshaw. Turners use of  strong linear paint strokes sure evoked the blazing sun in all his work.  A great inspiration not only for me but for all artist.
We then somehow walked through the exit doors into the AIMA exhibition. Where you are suppose to vote for the best out of the 4 photographers.  I had to see them all first.  So I did voted on line instead.
I was very excited to see how  Hito Steyerl   
was displaying his large format  metal images. and also how he very blatantly illustrates the  use of metal within the photography medium. I still think when done properly it will be is a lasting media to work with.
Full steam ahead.

The Native installation was inspirational because I just bought a bunch of dyes that will be painted on fabric,  eventually to become a kimono.
When studying the drawings on the wall I noticed pencil marks that seem to looked like a mistake because they were not visable anywhere else in the instalation.  Brad said to me later that, " in fact the natives do put mistakes into their art so the negative spirits have an entrance and exit".
 Makes sense to me.  
Stopped in at the Village Idiot for a pint and to witness a fire at the grange just to top off the afternoon acton in the city.
A bit of Negative with the Positive for to make a nice day in November.
Finally finished our new winter cover for Truant.  
Mustang 867 seagul grey  waterproof fabric from Triden Distributers in Pickering

She is safe and ready for the harsh cold winter in Toronto.
Mind you, the last few days feels as though winter may not even come.

Have a great winter 
Brad and I are heding to Mexico for the winter.  See you all in the spring


20 boats came out for the J/24 Canadian Championships.  
The weather couldn't have cooperated better.
Saturday was exhilarating. 
It was hard to keep the camera steady. 
With swells easily 8 feet at times and winds gusting to 20 knots.
Sunday we had a photographers dream day with blue blue skies, flat seas, and a steady 5-10 knot breeze. 
The competitors had a great time dancing to the ABYC house band on Saturday night  and picking up awards for their hard earn wins on Sunday.
Here ye Here ye
J/24 Canadian Championships 

this weekend at Ashbridges bay Yacht Club.
Sept. 17- 20th 2015
over 20 boats registered that will make for stellar images of the fleet.
I am looking forward to strong winds blue sky and lots of boat orders.
see all you sailors  at the regatta


Remembering Lyra 2014
 what a great job ABYC does on each and every event


August 29th 2015

I found that this event was almost too organized 
PictureA big no no in my books
The Crowd was solid.  and the cameras were also out in full force.  I was especially entertained by The Fire Guy.
He was so accommodating to all the cameras and cell phones following his every move.
He even counted down for us for the shot. So on the count of 3 he fell to the ground and posed like a playboy centerfold.  
 We took the subway down and I was saving my precious change for the ride back.
I forgot that at buskerfest you pay the hat with loonies, toonies,and five dollar bills.
Thanks Toronto organizers

After talking to a few of my Toronto friends , I found out that very few even tried to go to the Pan Am Games this summer.
Well did they ever miss out.  The crowd in the pan am pool went nuts, oh so loudly did they cheer for our Canadians.  I am pretty sure swimmers placed their way to the podium due to the cheering.  I couldn't get over all the negative splitting going on in the 200 events. It's amazing what great shape they are in those swimmers. 
I was with my mom for all the events, she is an Olympian and of an elderly age,which we took advantage of and got the best courtside seats for the volleyball.  Watching Mexico and US play and also  the Argentinian team against Costa Rica. Wow they sure can jump high.  At the Track we witnessed the gold medal pole vault and Javelin from our two  Canadians.  A whole lotta fast running going on. Not to mention we kept running into our Chef de Maison Kurt.  I just loved wandering around the venues with my 300 mm lense.

The weather was threatening on the day of the  parade. But that didn't stop me and my  great fun filled friend Katherine.  We made the day shine.  Just gathered our colorful clothing out of the costume box and down we trecked with camera and all.